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Turn on your Adventure Activities with Shoes Outdoor

You spend a lot of time with adventure? Maintaining safety for this one hobby is very mandatory, for this reason in November 2018, League introduces outdoor shoes to support your adventure activities:

Duraton. The design is inspired by the dashing frame motor construction, giving it a strong and resilient impression.

Duraton toughness is supported by Water Repellent technology, a special material that makes it not easily penetrated by water.

And injected EVA on the Midsole makes Duraton soft when worn, more responsive and lighter. Not only that, the Midsole itself has a good air circulation channel construction, so that the feet will not feel hot during outdoor activities.

Duraton is also equipped with Outsole Solid Rubber with high strength, to support good traction.

Duraton is also a shoe that is safe for riding a motorcycle, has a high covering of the ankles, aims to minimize accidental injuries while riding a motorcycle. There is a Reflective feature on the upper part, a material that can reflect light, adventure the night becomes safer!

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