Kumo 1.5 Mid Water Repellent


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Product Description

NEW ARRIVAL Kumo 1.5 Mid Extended improvement features from the previous generation Kumo Mid, with the latest technology: Water Repellent. Using Synthetic Suede upper material feel like genuine leather. Synthetic Suede also breathable. Another Kumo 1,5 Mid features:

- Water repellent: built with special materials and techniques, the ability to repel water, “wash off” the water drops

- Exo-Skin: processed without stitches that make the shoes lighter, provide additional support, follow the contours of the foot, and bring a feel of a modern aesthetic

- Reflective: reflecting light

- Quick Lace: no need to tie shoe lace, faster and, no longer loose straps while exercising or running

- Cushlite: A special EVA compound mixture on the midsole, light weight but still provide a soft pad

- Flexolite: follow the natural foot movement

Product Technology

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